Rajiv Surendra’s (“Mean Girls”‘ Kevin G) Instagram is the Wholesome Content You Need

In our turbulent times, we need wholesome content to help us feel calm and grounded. Enter Rajiv Surendra. The Mean Girls star known for his hilarious performance as Kevin G has a cult following on Instagram. Why? Because this Renaissance man shares with us his penchant for the domestic arts.

From playing the harp to ceramics to setting the table really really well, Rajiv Surendra will inspire you to take up new joyful and wholesome hobbies.

His Background

Rajiv Surendra was born in Toronto. He first found his love for heritage crafts and antiques working at Black Creek Pioneer Village as a teenager. Of course, we all know and love him for his role in Mean Girls, however, Rajiv has also made a name for himself as a writer, professional calligrapher and sign maker, and pottery apprentice.

YouTube Channel

If you want to see more of Rajiv’s amazing wholesome content, he is currently crowd-funding to create professionally filmed and edited videos for his YouTube channel. If you’d like to see this talented man share his knowledge about wool-spinning, letter-writing, upholstery, and book-binding, go donate now!

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