No Plastic Surgeries: New Celeb Trend

In a move that has stunned a wide segment of the Internet, the 20-year old shared two photos on her Instagram page yesterday that featured her rocking a tight black dress and standing next to some friend named Stassie Karanikolaou.

As you can see above and below, Jenner is barely made up in these images; she’s not even using any hair extensions.

She actually looks quite a bit younger, in our opinion, and we weren’t the only ones to think this apparently. In response to a follower saying Jenner looked like the “old Kylie” in these snapshots, the relatively new mother explained why this is the case:

“I got rid of all my filler,” she wrote back. Jenner, of course, denied for years that she had done anything to her lips. Despite rather clear photographic evidence to the contrary (they were just so darn plump!), Kylie insisted over and over when the topic was broached that every inch of her was all natural.

But then she finally made the confession in May of 2015, stating at the time that her “insecurity” led her to take the lip filler route.

We never judged her for this decision. We just got annoyed that she denied the obvious for such a long period of time. Fast forward all these years and we’re glad Kylie has overcome this insecurity.

Now that she’s unveiled her lip filler-free pout, Kylie Jenner’s doing what any marketing savvy cosmetics guru would do and using her new look to promote her company. On Monday, July 9, Kylie and her newly slimmed-down lips enjoyed a night on the town in Los Angeles in celebration of the season finale for “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

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