Our Kendall Jenner Best Looks of 2022 Roundup

Kendall Jenner is one of the most recognizable people in pop culture. She has been not only one of the highest-paid models of the last few years but is also an entrepreneur and creative director for a fashion house. This means she slays every single time (with major props to her stylist, Dani, who helps create these viral moments). Here are our three ultimate favorite Kendall Jenner looks of 2022. 

Jane Birkin Moment

Kendall broke the internet when she stepped out without pants on. Instead, she wore a navy sweater with black tights, paired with black heels and a bouquet of flowers as an accessory. To say this moment went viral is an understatement. Everyone took to TikTok to recreate their version of this look. 

US Open Kenny 

Classy, yet jaw-dropping. Kendall stole the show at the US Open when she arrived in a slip-white dress, some chunky gold accessories, and a clear Botegga bag to complete the look. This outfit is the perfect balance of chic and classy, yet sporty and chilled, and the blue sweater makes the overall business more casual. 

Go 818 

For the launch of the 818 Secret Reserve, Kendall arrived in a one-shouldered white dress. The details of the dress create this perfect combination of elegance and fun. 

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