New Legislation Changes Royal Family Succession

Times are changing. With a variety of recent legislative action plans, gender equality is becoming more and more apparent, not just in American society, but in British society as well. The issue of gender equality is currently a widely debated topic occurring all across the globe. Tons of initiatives have been created that are bringing the problem of gender equality to the forefront of policy changers.

As Americans, it would be ignorant to ignore the fact that there is clear gender inequality going on in a variety of aspects within society. Social beauty standards that are higher for women than for men, the gap in equal work pay, and the idea that men are smarter and stronger that has been ingrained into the minds of thousands and thousands of people, all contribute to this inequality.

The concept of gender inequality is a bit outdated at this point, just like the law that was held in Britain about male descendants of the royal family being first in line for the throne. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently welcomed Prince Louis Arthur Charles. In past years, the succession to the throne was determined by date of birth and by gender. Because of the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act, that has since changed.

This act has revolutionized the traditional, male-centric laws of British society. With this new law, Princess Charlotte is still in front of line of her newly born brother, Prince Louis Arthur Charles. This law applies to any member of the royal family who was born after October 28th 2011.

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