Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Delicious

Do you ever need to freshen up the smell of your home because you just took the smelly trash out? Or maybe the air is just feeling a little stale. Either way, there are so many natural ways to leave your home smelling delicious without having to buy sprays or candles at the store. Here are some of the best natural ways to make your home smell delicious.

Open a Window

Getting fresh air into a home is one of the easiest natural ways to eliminate odors. Bringing a breeze through will also make the home feel more light and airy.

Simmer Oranges and Cinnamon

A great way to bring a new yummy scent into your home is to simmer orange slices, some cinnamon, and anything else you want in a pot on the stove. Leave it simmering for a few minutes before turning off the heat. Leave it there for a few hours and your home will smell amazing!

Q-Tips In the Bathroom

One room that definitely needs a natural deodorizer is the bathroom. An easy way to keep this room smelling fresh for days is to stick a Q-tip in your favorite essential oil and then put it in the middle of your toilet paper roll. Easy and effective!

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