Nail Colors That Are Always In

There are lots of trends and fleeting looks when it comes to manicure styles. If you’re looking for some classic sophistication, look no further than these three shades. Never boring, but always in, if you need a chic look go for one of these colors.


An excellent choice for fall, but one that looks great all year round, burgundy will go with any makeup colors and outfit you pair it with. Go for a natural nail shape to complement the chic tone of this shade.

Ballet Pink

Known as the favorite shade of the late Queen Elizabeth II, this shade is perfect if you have a job that requires subtlety in your beauty looks. Not a million miles away from a French manicure, this color delivers shine and health to your nails, without looking too obvious.


A little brighter and bolder than burgundy, red is a classic style statement that will go with a huge range of outfit choices and makeup looks. If you want to temper the red a little, opt for red tips on a pink base. Keep the nails shorter and natural, to avoid an overly bold look.

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