Movies to Look Forward to in the New Year

Award season is just around the corner and even if you still haven’t gotten around to watching all the best films of 2022, you have many amazing films to look forward to in 2023. From international films to movies that rose to fame at the festivals, there are so many to choose from. Here are some to watch out for.

Saint Omer

This French film shows a Senegalese woman being charged with killing her own baby and blaming the act on sorcery. Rama, a writer, is observing the court case for her next book but begins to feel overwhelmed by the testimony.

Women Talking

This movie, which is adapted from Miriam Towes’ book and based on a true story, has a fabulous cast of women. Claire Foy, Sheila Mccarthy, and Rooney Mara discuss how to respond to the men’s abuse in their religious community.

Boston Strangler

Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon star in this Hulu movie, coming out in March 2023, as journalists who are investigating the Boston Strangler murders in 1960.

Are you there God? Its Me, Margaret.

This adaptation of the Judy Blume Classic follows Margaret as she struggles with moving to New Jersey from New York and puberty.

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