Mark Hamill Remembers Carrie Fisher With A Tribute At Star Wars Celebration’

When you think of Star Wars, you cannot forger Carrie Fisher. During the Star Wars Celebration, she has been reminded several times. The opening panel to the event focused on all the names connected to Star Wars.

So it payed tribute to the late actress, but Mark Hamill thought it wasn’t enough. He reminded her during an hour-long panel featuring all the scandal and fun you’d expect. He talked about their first meeting during a dinner before filming the original Star Wars.

He noted that Fisher was already telling “personal stories that I wouldn’t have shared if I knew you 10 years,” and also revealed his romantic feelings towards.

He said: “We were like a couple of horny teenagers. I wanted her to myself, I didn’t want to share her with Harrison,” the actor added. But he also knew “I couldn’t handle her as a girlfriend.”

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