Make a Splash This Summer With These Fun Pool Accessories


Remember being a kid and spending hours in the pool playing with inner tubes and noodles? It’s amazing to think back on how many different games we were able to create out of a few simple toys. While we’ll always look back on these summers with fondness, gone are the days when pool accessories are only meant for children. Over the last few years, companies like Funboy have helped to bring out the kid in all of us by bringing inflatable pool toys to the market in a totally grownup-friendly way. Whether you’re looking for some solo R&R or a new toy to occupy your little ones, here are some of our favorite pool accessories.

Funboy Malibu Barbie Golf Cart

All the fun of Barbie’s pink car, but this time big enough for full-size people. Use it to lay back and tan in the pool, and be sure to check out Funboy’s full Barbie line.

Jasonwell Mermaid Float

What better way to play mermaids in the pool than with this mermaid tail-inspired pool float? Its design allows you to recline flat or sit upright in the inner tube and is available in two different colors.

Funboy Disco Dome

Get the gang together and chill out inside this floating dome designed to fit four people. It comes with cup holders and an open center to dip your feet in the water as your float.