Looking to Enhance Your Eye Shape? Try These Makeup Tricks!

Everyone’s eyes come in different shapes and sizes and it can often be challenging to enhance your your eye features. However, if you have smaller eyes, this one’s for you! Keep reading for some tips and tricks to maximize your eye size. Next time you do your makeup, check out these tips and remember that makeup only enhances your natural beauty.

Nude or White Eye Pencil

This tip is tried and true. Instead of lining your lines with a black eye pencil, swap it for a nude or white one. This look will open your eyes a bit and make you look more awake.

Small Lashes

Avoid using bigger, false eyelashes that tend to weigh down your eyelids. Instead, opt for a smaller lash, curl your beautiful and natural lashes, and throw on some mascara! You would be amazed by the difference!

Conceal Your Dark Circles

This trick is unanimous and works for everyone! If you have dark shadows under your eyes, they may tend to make you look sleepier and make your eyes appear smaller. The best way to fix this is by using concealer, but if you have extra time on your hands, use an orange-based color corrector before you conceal. This will brighten your under eye a lot and enhance your gorgeous features.

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