5 Old Movies to Watch at Your Next Slumber Party

No matter how old you get, sleepovers with your closest friends will always be a good time! If you’re planning your next slumber party and don’t want to spend hours combing through Netflix before you start a movie, then look no further. Keep reading for oldies, but goodies.

She’s the Man

This early 2000s comedy starring Amanda Bynes is a classic for a reason. The movie is laugh-out-loud funny and emulates girl power to make you cheer. Let’s not forget about sweet and sensitive Channing Tatum in his prime either!

A Cinderella Story

Let’s face it—we were all in love with Chad Michael Murray in this era. This early 2000s movie starring Hillary Duff is a beautiful retelling of Cinderella that will have you swooning for all its sincerity.

The Princess Diaries

This movie starring Anne Hathaway as a nerd turned beauty queen and literal princess is timeless. Imagine waking up and becoming a princess of a random country! Or having Julie Andrews as your estranged British grandma? This movie really gave us everything we ever wanted.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is so fetch for a reason. You’ve probably seen it a hundred times already and yet it’s timeless.

13 Going on 30

This rom-com starring Jennifer Garner captured the essence of youth and wanting to grow up too quickly. It’s truly a sweet, coming-of-age tale that no movie night should be without.

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