Lady Gaga Amazes With Drone Filled Halftime Show

There’s no question that Lady Gaga knows how to put on a show. Who would have thought that drones would have made for such an exquisite show? But Gaga pulled it off in style.

Lady Gaga started the show by singing “God Bless America,” while behind her, 300 Intel Shooting Star drones put on their own performance. When Lady Gaga finished singing, the drones formed an American flag behind her, all in red, white and blue colors.

At the end of Lady Gaga’s show, the drones came back to form the Pepsi logo. While the show was impressive, it wasn’t done live. It was prerecorded on Jan. 30 due to weather condition concerns, reports USA Today’s For the Win site. It’s not the first time Intel’s Shooting Star drones came to life for a performance. Intel and Disney partnered up in December for another spectacular drone show at Disney Springs.

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