Korean Skincare & Beauty Brands You Should Know


Skincare lovers around the world have adopted the South Korean approach to this foundational step in any beauty routine, which is based on protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Products tend to include simple, effective ingredients in aesthetically-pleasing packaging. They’re also often more affordable than other popular skincare brands, so you really can’t go wrong. There are countless K-brands on the market nowadays, but here are some of our favorites:

Then I Met You

Charlotte Cho got her start as an esthetician before founding the popular online Korean beauty shop Soko Glam. After years of working with clients and getting to know other brands, she created her own line Then I Met You. We love the entire line, especially the Rejuvenating Cream.


Rael’s development team in Seoul creates sustainable, non-toxic skincare designed to keep your skin clear and glowing. Their Miracle Clear Soothing Spot Gel is our favorite.

Peach & Lily

This brand makes vegan products designed to care for the skin on both your face and your body. Their Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream provides the perfect balance and hydration and protection.

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