Kelly Clarkson Is Rumored To Be Returning To American Idol

We are so excited to report that we have been hearing mutterings and whispers that ABC is trying to lure former American Idol host, Kelly Clarkson back to the show. This comes on the heels of the news that everyone’s favorite former host, Ryan Seacrest may also be heading back. ABC is now frantically working to schedule Seacrest’s new show, Live! which he will co-host with Kelly Ripa, to ensure he has a block of free dates. And this makes us think that his return is pretty much a done deal, and we will be seeing him sooner rather than later!

It would appear that Kelly is quite interested in a return to her former Alma Mater and it has been reported that her people are working her schedule to free up time for this.

In case you had forgotten – Kelly Clarkson was American Idol winner in 2002 and has had a successful career ever since, with Grammys and number-ones. She appeared as a special guest, providing a musical interlude for the final of the last series, where she sang a very emotionally charged version of “Piece by Piece”, which then reached No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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