Jewelry Trends You Need to Know About For 2023 

Jewelry trends don’t necessarily change as often as clothing trends, but it is still important to know what’s in style and what’s not. While most people tend to see jewelry as an expensive gift and don’t usually buy jewelry throughout the year, here are three top jewelry trends you’ll be seeing in 2023. 


Gems are considered to be precious and important. Their bright colors remind you of nature and the ground from which these gems emerged. And now, they’re essential pieces to your jewelry collection. They are personalized, each stone can connect to your astrological sign. 

Over-the-top Earrings 

The bigger, the better, with a very 1980s nostalgia being at the forefront of this trend. Prominent, powerful gold earring pieces have come back with a slightly lighter and more leisurely feel to their design. These over-the-top pieces are all you need, no matter your size or color. 


Pearls have been considered old and out of fashion for a couple of years. However, they have been given a little more street cred over the years and are increasingly in demand. They have become much more playful and fun compared to the pearls your grandma used to wear. 

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