Jealous Girlfriend Reaches Out to Instagram Model

Social media and the accessibility that it provides in many ways is one of the most connecting and inspiring things that exists in society today. People are able to see posts from people that they follow, look up to, and aspire to be. This is an incredible thing that has allowed Forman positive connections to be made via an online community that would not exist were it not for social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Along with all of the positives that come from the accessibility of social media, there are also some negatives that present themselves as well. One of the major negative consequences of social media is the development of jealousy and overexposure to the posts that make you the most jealous.

This jealousy has been a major part in the termination of many relationships. Couples may get into fights if one of them see’s that their partner likes a scandalous picture of someone else on Instagram, people are easily able to DM profiles and users that the think are attractive, etc.

One woman, Tajea- Jasmine Walton, an Instagram model, received a message from a jealous girlfriend of one of her fans. The girlfriend basically reached out to Tajea with the hope that she would block her boyfriend because he was saving her pictures to his phone and laptop and the girlfriend was not happy about it.

At the end of the message, the annoyed girlfriend even said, “I hope this ends the issue cause if I have to talk to you again about this it’ll be a problem. Good day.” This odd message seems a bit threatening to Tajea, even though she ultimately had no control over the woman’s boyfriend. In the end, Tajea ultimately blocked the creepy boyfriend and the jealous girlfriend.

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