Is Netflix Going Too Far By Streaming Certain Shows?

Entertainment is a funny thing, especially when it’s hidden in plain sight, masquerading as something else. Such is the case with many Netflix shows nowadays, especially the recently released Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. If you go onto the popular streaming platform, you’d see that the aforementioned show is the most-watched show on the planet right now—which, we believe, is part of the problem. But are they going too far?

Fantasizing Tragic Events

Without getting into the gory details, Dahmer is a biopic that tells the true story of its titular main character—a man who, if you labeled him a criminal, you’d be putting it lightly.

Conventional wisdom would state that these shows are good because they raise awareness of these problematic issues—that criminals like this exist.

The problem is that many people who watch the show fetishize it in a way that’s a bit too “fun” for our taste. These people see it as pure entertainment. Their latest addicting binge, if you will.

Even worse is the fact that there are real-world victims who have suffered at the hand of the show’s main character—and as a result of its existence on Netflix, they now have to relive their trauma every time another “hilarious” Dahmer meme is circulated.

Presentation is important. If it weren’t for the fact that the show seemed to be hoisting its villainous star on a pedestal—almost as if he’s being rewarded for his evil acts—then we might’ve been alright with it.

If the show seemed to actually care about showcasing the story through a lens of awareness, and respect for the victims’ families, that would be one thing. But from where we’re sitting, all it seems like is that the showrunners were primarily concerned with one thing: making a good show.

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