Is Matte Makeup Making a Comeback?

It’s been years of glowy makeup in the spotlight. Every makeup fan has tried just about every glowy, dewy makeup product to make it look like they’re glowing from the inside out. Whereas matte makeup has really taken the backseat, much to oily-skin girlies’ dismay.

If you struggle with oily skin, or just aren’t a fan of the over-glowy makeup looks that have blown up all over the internet these last few years, you’ll be happy to hear this news. Yes, matte makeup is making a comeback! It’s true that trends really do come and go, but matte makeup will always come back around. 

We can tell that matte makeup is on the rise by looking at new makeup releases and runway makeup. Makeup brands everywhere are starting to release more matte products, which indicates where the trends are heading. Even on the runways, we’ve seen a shift from models wearing shiny, glossy looks to more matte, satin looks!

Don’t worry, though, we aren’t talking super matte to the point of dehydrated skin. It’s more about the absence of dewy products and highlighters. Similar to the glowy-skin looks, the goal is simply a natural-looking base! 

What do you think? Are you team matte or glow?

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