Is It Worth Trying to Bleach Your Hair at Home?

Bleached hair is one of those looks that always seems to be on trend. There may be different styles of bleaching that are popular at different points in time, but the overall idea of bleach-blonde hair is always in fashion. As such, many people choose to bleach their hair. It’s often highly recommended to get this done by a hairdresser in a salon. However, this can be incredibly expensive and may not be affordable for many. An alternative is to buy hair bleach to try it yourself at home, but many people warn against doing this. If this is something you are considering, then here are some points to think about before taking the plunge. 

What Design Are You Going For?

Bleaching the whole hair may seem daunting, but can be easier to do yourself than other designs. For example, trying to do balayage or highlights can be a lot more difficult due to needing the bleach to be precise. 

Do You Have Appropriate Equipment?

You will need some essential equipment to try bleaching your own hair. Proper gloves are crucial, as are a sectioning comb, non-metal accessories such as hair clips, and a decent pair of mirrors to see the back of your head. 

What Result Are You After?

Whatever the pros and cons of bleaching your hair at home may be, it’s essential to be aware of the fact that the result will not be as neat or professional as it would be from a hairdresser. If you don’t mind or are even hoping for a grunge kind of look then this is fine, but if you’d be hoping for a clean, even result then it would be worth saving up for a salon.

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