Is it Good to Always Work From Home?

Something that seems to be on every company’s mind in this day and age is the concept of working from home. Over the last few years, this practice has been more implemented in modern society than it ever has. This is mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but even after it calmed down, workplaces realized that employees could be trusted to get their work done remotely. But is it always good to work from home, or should there be more of a balance?

The Hybrid Work Model

As of now, most companies have embraced the hybrid work model. This means that employees get to enjoy the benefits of working from home certain days out of the week, but the rest of the time must come into the office. The question is, should this be the norm, or should companies be completely remote?

A Sense of Community

In our humble opinion, companies should have employees come in at least a day or two each week. While remote work is certainly popular and helpful, there’s something important that you get at the office. You get a sense of community, camaraderie, and teamwork that you don’t get over zoom. It’s the warmth that you miss working remotely, as cheesy as that sounds. And many bosses are realizing that this lack of warmth can affect work performance.

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