Invited To A Wedding? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Weddings are all about celebration and joy, but they also come with a few rules that aren’t always written down. To make sure you’re the guest everyone loves rather than the one they talk about afterward, let’s go over some common blunders you’ll want to steer clear of. Trust us, it’s all about making the day as wonderful for the couple as it is for you!

Ignoring the Dress Code

One of the most common blunders is not adhering to the wedding dress code. Whether it’s casual, cocktail, or black-tie, the dress code is specified by the couple to set the tone for their event. Even if it’s not your preference, following the dress code is very important. 

Bringing Uninvited Plus-Ones

Bringing a plus-one to a wedding without explicit permission is a major faux pas. Wedding guest lists are often carefully planned to accommodate budgets and venue capacities. If your invitation does not specify that you can bring a guest or name a specific guest, you should attend alone.

Arriving Late

Lastly, make sure you arrive on time. Arriving late can disrupt the ceremony and create unnecessary stress for the wedding party. Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

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