How to Soothe and Treat Combination Skin

For most of us, working out our skin type can be tricky because our skin is likely to change based on a huge range of factors including the amount of sleep we’ve had, how much stress we’re under, what we’re eating, and the time of the month. If your skin is going through a ‘combination’ phase, this means that you are struggling with dry, flaking patches as well as some oiliness and congestion. Arguably one of the hardest skin types to treat, combination skin requires some gentle, effective skincare to keep everything in balance—here’s how to treat it.

Exfoliate Gently

Exfoliation is important to avoid the build up of oil and sebum, which can produce acne, but it’s also something which can worsen dry skin. For this reason, choose a gentle acid-based exfoliant, such as lactic acid (which has been proven to produce less redness and irritation than alternatives such as glycolic). Start by using this once or twice a week, before gradually upping it once your skin has adjusted to it.

Use A Light Moisturizer

If you’re experiencing patches of dry skin, it’s really important to keep these hydrated. However, you don’t want to overdo the moisture on areas of skin that tend to be oily. For this reason, you need a lightweight moisturizer to apply all over your face. You can then top this up over the areas of dryness with a richer, more intensive moisturizer.

Take Rest Days

It’s important that all skin types get a chance to rest and breathe, but given how sensitive combination skin can be, this is perhaps especially important. Make sure you have some days where you wear less makeup, to ensure that your pores can breathe and your skin can regulate itself.

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