How to Manifest, According to Roxie Nafousi

This orange manifestation book is making its way around your social media feeds and even celebrities have caught on. The book by Roxie Nafousi, Manifest: 7 Steps to Living your Best Life, was the must-have book of 2022. It is a self-help book that taught you how to reach your goals and create success.

Manifesting is a practice that helps you to have positive thoughts about achieving your dreams and goals. If you think positively, use mantras, and develop a gratitude practice, then positive things will come your way.

Manifesting is about bringing more things into your life that fulfill you and bring you joy. It takes work to manifest properly. It’s not just visualizing—you need to retrain your brain to think positively about what you want, take into consideration how you show up, and how you overcome struggles.

Roxie now has a new book out called Manifest: Dive Deeper, which focuses on helping you with self-belief, providing you with exercises to do, and lots more about her own manifesting journey.

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