How to Make the Most of Your Eyebrows

You may have heard people say that the brows frame the face, and it really is true. If your brows aren’t quite as thick, dark, or shaped as you would like, there are some simple techniques and products that you can use to enhance your natural brows.

Try an at Home Tint

There are several popular and safe at-home eyebrow tints out there, so find one with the right shade for you (don’t go too dark at first, as the change will feel like a shock) and give it a try. These typically take between five to ten minutes to work, and they should leave you with brows that look darker, thicker, and more defined.

Brush on Some Brow Gel

There are many brow gels out there to choose from, and they range in shades from clear to black. Depending on the size of the brush, the technique can take some time to perfect (start with less product on the brush than you think you’ll need), but once you’ve got the hang of it this is a two-minute makeup application that can hold your brows in the shape you want all day.

Take Good Care

Don’t forget that your brows need some love and care, too. Opt for a brow gel with some hydrating ingredients in it, or take time to moisturize your brows in the evening. This will soften the hairs and keep them in top-notch condition, leading to glossy, thicker brows over time.

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