How to Choose the Right Hair Brush for Your Hair Type & Style

Have you ever gotten your hair done and wondered why the stylist needed to use so many tools? After all, a hairbrush is a hairbrush, right? The truth is, not exactly—while there is some overlap in the functions of different hair tools, stylists use a variety of combs and brushes for a reason. Size, shape, and the type of bristles on a brush are all important factors in what it’s meant to be used for, and a good stylist will choose which to use according to your specific hair type and goals.

If you’re looking to recreate salon-worthy looks for yourself at home, choosing the right tools is an important first step. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular brushes and how to use them. 


Wide tooth combs are a safe option for those with curly hair looking to protect their curl definition. If you’ve got fine or straight hair, however, you’re better off detangling with a Wet Brush, as combs can actually get stuck in tangles and end up causing breakage. You can also use an all-purpose comb to help smooth your hair when using a flat iron. 

Detangling Brush

Paddle brushes with flexible bristles are ideal for detangling hair of all lengths and textures. Brands like Wet Brush design their brushes to work on both wet and dry hair by using plastic bristles that move with your hair. They can also help to spread products like heat protectant and leave-in conditioner through the length of the hair.

Round Brushes

If you use a blowdryer to style your hair, you’ll want to do so using a round brush. Round brushes are available in wooden and ceramic, with boar or nylon bristles. All are designed to help to pull hair straight or create waves by providing tension, while the heat from the blow dryer sets the style. Ceramic brushes also have the added benefit of helping hair dry more quickly.

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