How Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilsons Marriage Always Avoids the Gossip Columns

The celeb world is well known for short marriages, not to mention multiple marriages! However, one of the longest celeb marriages around has to be that of actress, Bridgette Wilson and former Wimbledon champion, Pete Sampras who tied the knot in 2000 and who are, as far as we know, still very happily married almost 17 years later.

After the birth of their first child, Bridgette was reported as having talked about freaking out, and that she and Pete were rather disconnected from the whole experience. However things improved when number two came along, when they were both more relaxed, despite the fact that they each practice a rather different method of parenting from each other.

While Bridgette is something of an explainer when the boys have been naughty, preferring them to understand why they were punished, Pete simply forbids them from doing something – and finds Bridgette’s whole approach rather funny. Although neither approach is right or wrong, they have had to compromise in order to accept each other’s method and at the end of the day feel that their children do benefit from their interesting combination.

As it is for all parents with young children, the Sampras-Wilsons find it hard to make quality time for each other, and despite having had a challenging search for a nanny, if they want to be together they do require another pair of hands to look after the children. They have found a comfortable work life balance and enjoy quality family time together. The family leads a laid back and low-key life and are rarely seen in the gossip columns.

They seem like an example we could all follow!

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