How Much TV Binging is Too Much?

There’s nothing quite as fun as getting hooked on a riveting new television show and then proceeding to binge the entire series. A true marker of our generation, streaming services have designed their systems to promote endless watching of their programs—some of which truly are addicting. Moderation of something is fine, but how do you know if you’re binging too much TV?

The Notification

There’s the classic joke that people make where they know they’ve been watching Netflix a long time when it offers the notification on the screen, “Are you still watching?” But as funny as it is, it can actually serve as a practical jolt to your senses—that yes, you should probably go outside for a little bit.

It Becomes About Finishing a Show

We all know the feeling. We’ve committed to a series, and we’re enjoying it. But for some reason, we have this mindset where we just want to finish it already. While technically yes, we’re loving the ride, we become like a robot where we need to know what’s going to happen at the end, and thus watch multiple seasons in a tiny span of time.

If your show has become more about just finding out what happens, then you might want to take a step back. Take your time, and watch the series at a more leisurely pace.

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