How Journaling Will Help You Live Your Best Life

Journaling is huge in the mental health and personal growth communities, and you may be asking yourself why? Does it really help that much? Shockingly, yes it really does. Journaling regularly has so many benefits, it’s shocking that we all don’t do it more! Here are some reasons why journaling could really help you.

Journaling as a Release

Journaling as a form of release is one of the greatest benefits. We often keep things bottled up inside for so long that they become bigger and bigger until we just can’t hold it in any longer. This could either lead to a breakdown, which you might unload on a friend or loved one, or even just resentment towards others. In order to avoid this, journal your feelings and frustrations out. By writing them down, they won’t continue swirling in your head, giving you clarity and peace of mind. You may even realize that the issue isn’t as big of a deal as you once thought!

Journaling to See Patterns

Patterns often emerge in our lives within our habits, relationships, and experiences, but it’s hard to recognize the patterns when you’re in it. Journaling gives you the opportunity to look back at what you’ve been through and see how it may relate to what you’re going through now. It might even help you recognize and break unhealthy patterns that are no longer serving you!

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