Here’s How You Can Make the Best Out Of Your Short Layovers

You’re probably dreading long layovers because they feel like a waste of precious time, but short layovers can be even worse. Having just an hour or less between your connecting flight can be a pretty stressful experience, but these three useful tips can help you make it less anxiety-inducing.

Close to Exit

It’s highly recommended to sit in the front of the plane if you have a short layover so you could leave as early as possible. Book your seat when buying your ticket or try to switch before your flight. If that’s not possible, ask one of the flight attendants for assistance and they’ll be happy to help you leave the plane early.

Baggage Dilemma

Always check if you’ll have to pick up the luggage between your connecting flights because this could significantly slow you down. If that’s the case, consider traveling light and only take a carry-on that will come on board with you.

Know What To Expect

It’s easier to move around through the airport that you’re already familiar with. Find a map of the airport on their website and study the layout to figure out where you should go after your flight, especially if you have to switch terminals in between.

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