Have You Considered Simplifying Your Skincare Routine?

Whatever your skin concerns, the chances are you have a bathroom cabinet full of various products, all promising to calm, smooth, and perfect your skin. Recent beauty trends have encouraged seven-step routines, triple cleansing, and the application of chemical peels at home. Yet, recently, there have been calls to simplify our routines, as evidence suggests stacking up products can do more harm than good. If you’re interested in getting back to basics, read on for the essentials to keep.


There are some suggestions that, depending on your skin type, the morning cleanse is optional. If you suffer from dryness or senstivity, a simple misting of filtered water may be all that you need. If your skin is on the oilier side, use a gentle, non-drying cleanser in the morning. All skin types need to cleanse in the evening, a hot cloth cleanse is a good way of removing all make up and emptying pores of excess sebum and debris.


All skin types need to moisturize. It reduces redness, tightness, and dry patches. If your skin is oily, if you fail to moisturize your skin may produce even more excess oil in an effort to stay hydrated. Look for a simple formula which is free from unnecessary chemicals.


Dermatologists are increasingly clear that skipping sunscreen is a big no-no. Not only does SPF protect your skin from damaging UV rays, it will also keep you looking fresher and younger for longer, as sunlight ages skin faster. Why not combine two steps into one, and use a moisturizer that contains SPF?

Only you know which products your skin needs, and your routine may be more extensive than the one listed here. However it is always worth checking through your products and considering whether each one really is essential – not only will paring down your routine reduce the amount of chemicals on your sin, it will also give you a few more minutes each morning.

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