Hailey Bieber’s Makeup Artist Shares Her Trick for Glowy Skin

Regardless of how long you’ve been doing your make-up, you most likely have been applying your products in a specific order. We start with foundation, then concealer, blush, and all the rest. Right?  Well, Hailey Bieber’s make-up artist is shaking up our routine as we know it!

The Rhodes founder is just one of Mary Philips’ clients, with others including Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner. For years, the MUA has been using an application strategy that we have all now cottoned onto. 

Called “underpainting”, it involves applying concealer and contour before putting in foundation. The result?

A gorgeous “lit from within” glow that also looks super natural.

The trick to underpainting is starting with good skincare. You want to make sure the skin is well-moisturized with creams and serums so that it looks good even with little makeup. 

Apply contour along the hairline, down the bridge of the nose, beneath the cheekbones, and the jawline to create a sculpted look, and then place concealer under the eyes. You then want to apply a thin layer of foundation using a fluffy brush for that air-brushed effect. 

Finish it off with some cream-based bronzer and blush, and you’re good to go!

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