Gigi and Zayn: Back and Better?

Just a few days ago, Zayn Malik was seen in New York City wearing a pair of black sunglasses from Gigi Hadid’s capsule for Vogue Eyewear. While we know that it is not the first time someone close to her has proudly worn a pair of these sunglasses (her sister Bella posted an Instagram wearing a similar pair about a week ago), we think that the fact her ex (?!) wearing something of hers is noteworthy. Did he go out of his way to buy a pair of these sunglasses, or did she give them to him? We have so many questions. All in all, we do think that it is a big sign that he was wearing something that must remind him of Gigi.

We also have another piece of information that might convince you even further that there is still something going on between these two iconic celebrities. We have a feeling that they are still spending a lot of time together because Zayn was seen wearing a shirt that actually belongs to Gigi. She was seen wearing the same shirt in June and even posted a photo on Instagram wearing it. While they obviously rocked the same piece in very different ways, it is apparent that it is the same shirt. Are you convinced that there love has been rekindled yet? Either way, it is super cute that they have shared this shirt. However, we want to know more as to if this couple is back and better, or if the t-shirt information is inaccurate.

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