From Farmhouse to Bold Patterns: Pinterest Predicts Leading Home Decor Trends for Fall

Fall is finally here and it’s bringing many amazing new home décor trends our way. We can always count on Pinterest to give us some inspiration for redecorating our homes, and its list of the biggest fall trends includes farmhouse décor, nature-inspired furniture, and bold patterns.

The farmhouse trend experienced a 316% increase on this photo-sharing platform, and its boom was a long time coming. This home décor craze is all about giving your home a rustic vibe, and making it cozy, warm, and inviting while still keeping it modern by embracing elements of Scandinavian design.

Pinterest’s next big trend, nature-inspired design, also embraces some elements of the farmhouse aesthetic, starting with rattan furniture. In addition to welcoming natural materials into your home, you can also embrace this trend by adding indoor plants and botanical wallpapers.

Bold patterns will also be all the rage this fall, and they experienced a 217% increase in Pinterest searches in recent months. They perfectly fit into the next trend that’s all the rage on Pinterest— maximalist interior—but the list doesn’t end there.

Pinterest also listed contemporary, retro style, ceramic plates, ’70s interiors, Mediterranean style, and vintage furniture as fall’s biggest home décor trends. If you’re in the mood for a home makeover, keep this in mind because we’ll be seeing these trends everywhere in the upcoming months.

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