Ed Sheeran Denies Rumors about His Engagement

Rumor has it that Ed Sheeran is getting married. However, he has denied everything.  When Russell Crowe was interviewed with Australian radio show Fitzy & Wippa on May 18, 2017. “[Sheeran] was on tour here and he was getting a bit burned out so he came up and stayed at the farm for a couple of days to get some sleep and then we became conversational mates,” Crowe said, explaining how the pair’s unlikely friendship came to be.

“We just became friendly and he has since come back with his fiancée for more time and stuff.” However, Sheeran has denied being engaged to his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. “You know, he’s only met Cherry once and I didn’t introduce her. I didn’t say anything,” Sheeran, 26, told the Fitzy & Wippa hosts during a May 30 interview (via E! News). “I think he just assumed. But no, we’re not engaged.”

Apparently, Crowe emailed him following his interview to apologize for the confusion. Its ok Russel, we forgive you this time! Anyway, we just think it’s a matter of time since Sheeran and Seaborn seem to be in a pretty serious relationship.

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