Ease PMS Symptoms With This Gentle Yoga Routine

If you ask us, PMS should stand for Please Make (it) Stop. The symptoms which signal that Aunt Flo is en route range from pain to bloating and even nausea. Basically, we’d rather be in bed. Oddly enough, as much as we don’t feel like moving, doing so can make symptoms better due to the release of endorphins. 

Step #1

Sitting on your heels, rest your hands forward and extend your left leg straight back. Relax your torso forward, resting your head on the ground. Slide your arms back along your sides with your palms up. Relax here for three minutes, then rise up, switch the legs, and repeat.

Step #2

Return to sitting on your heels. Use your hands to gently massage all along your throat, from your collarbones to under your chin, for two minutes. Then, begin to massage your ears and earlobes with the palms of your hands for two to three minutes.

Step #3

Still on your heels, place your hands in the Venus position at the small of your back. Inhale as you slowly twist your torso to the left, then exhale as you twist to the right, for three minutes. End with an inhale back at the center, consciously drawing the energy up your spine.

Step #4

Relax down onto your back. Bring your hands to your shoulders, with your fingers in front and thumbs on the back of your shoulders, and elbows on the ground. Spread your legs comfortably wide. Tune in to all the muscles of your body and lift your upper body, bit by bit, as slowly as possible, until your torso is upright. Then, slowly fold forward from the waist until your nose is on the ground or as close to it as you can. Hold this forward-fold version with long deep breathing for three minutes.

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