Your Skin Care Regime Might Be Ruining Your Skin, and Here’s Why

If you’re piling on the creams and serums in the hope that they’ll help your skin, know that it’s having the exact opposite effect. Less is more when it comes to skincare. Overloading your face with product is only a waste of your time and money – in the best-case scenario – and dangerous to your skin in the worst. According to specialists, using too much products too frequently can be as detrimental to your complexion as using too little.

Using too many moisturizers may clog pores, creating zits and skin hypersensitivity by over-stimulating natural oil production. You should never apply a face mask more than twice a week.

Be careful with the delicate eye area as well. Using too much cream here can wreck havoc, leading to the early development of crow’s feet. Don’t use any more than a drop of eye cream– you only need enough to evenly and lightly cover the under-eye area.

Experts warn against celebrity-endorsed products targeting millennials and the Z-generation, which contains acids and harsh exfoliators more often than not. Researchers in the UK have determined the average teenage girl’s make-up bag is now worth £425 (560 USD), which is more than twice that of the average adult woman.

Young women are more beauty obsessed and less smart than ever, buying harsh celebrity-endorsed products that are not suitable for their skin. Experts don’t recommend anyone under the age of 20 use acids, because they can cause skin burns, dryness, and hypersensitivity, leaving skin red-raw. If you’re between 20 and 30, you should never use acids with over 20% concentration.


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