Decorating Mistakes To Avoid With Small Spaces

While living in a smaller home may sound simpler, it’s not always easy to decorate a more modest space effectively. Here are some decorating mistakes that you should make an active effort to avoid if you happen to be designing a small living space.

The Amount Of Furniture

Bidding farewell to furniture is tough when downsizing. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that one needs to accept when moving into a smaller space. This is because having too much furniture in your home can leave a lack of space and space to move and really stretch your legs.

Avoid Dark Colors

For a small room, painting the walls a dark color is not recommended. This is because it can look dramatic and actually make the room appear even smaller. Stick to lighter colors that will make the room feel airy and appear larger.

Still To A Singular Style

While some rooms can have walls and floors with different patterns, this would make a smaller room look a little too busy. Make sure to select a unitary color scheme for the walls and a single tile pattern for your floors. Doing so will also make it easier and quicker to design and decorate your home.

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