Decorate Your Home With Cute and Unique Pots and Vases

Home decor can seem super intimidating for those of us that don’t have the most artistic eye. Going to a home decor store and seeing an overwhelming amount of items that can fill your tables and shelves can be enough to want to give up decorating your space.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can spice up your home decor easily, and the answer to your troubles is getting unique pots and vases. They are so simple, but there are many unique styles for you to fill your home with plants or even leave empty. Here are some unique pots and vases that you can add to your space.

Pots With Faces

It may seem a bit odd, but once you see these pots with faces on them, you’ll want to add them to your home too! There’s something about the features of the face that looks peaceful and adds a calming vibe to your home.

Asymmetrical Planters

There seems to be an unlimited supply of asymmetrical planters and each one is uniquely beautiful! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are sure to be a great piece for your favorite plant.

Minimalist Circle Vases

These minimalist circle vases are the best because they don’t even need any flowers to be beautiful. Especially if you get a few in various sizes, you can arrange them in a way that looks like you have an art installment in your home—and all you did was buy a few vases.

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