Copy Sabrina Carpenter’s Coquette Style with These Five Essentials

2024 is definitely the year of Sabrina Carpenter, and we’ve seen her drop one hit after hit in the past few months. Her signature style is as iconic as her music, and here are five fashion items you’ll need to copy her adorable coquette aesthetic.

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

From heart-shaped cutouts to tiny prints and tops inspired by this motif, hearts are a cornerstone of Carpenter’s style and she uses them to add a romantic touch to her looks.

Short & Sweet

“Espresso” singer can’t get enough of mini skirts and dresses, and it’s a true rarity to see her without them, especially during her live shows.

Just Add Lace

Lace is one of the first materials that come to mind when someone mentions coquette aesthetics, so it doesn’t come as a shocker that Carpenter is a huge fan.

Razzle Dazzle

Carpenter’s wardrobe is filled with shimmering dresses, tops, and skirts and she enjoys wearing sparkly pieces everywhere from live shows and music videos to red carpet events and photoshoots.

Platform Heels

“Please Please Please” singer doesn’t hide the fact she’s just 5 feet tall, but she sure tries to make up for it by constantly wearing platform heels and knee-high boots.

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