Caring for Sensitive Skin? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Caring for sensitive skin can be tricky. The wrong products or habits can easily lead to irritation, redness, or breakouts. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to keep your sensitive skin happy and healthy.

Using Fragranced Products

Sensitive skin is easily irritated, and fragrances (yes, even natural fragrances) are among the main suspects when this happens. Fragrance-free skincare products are the best option to minimize the risk of unwanted reactions.


Washing your face sounds like a good skincare habit—and it generally is—but doing it too much can mess with your skin’s natural oil balance, leading to dryness and irritation. It’s safest to cleanse up to twice a day and make sure you use a gentle cleanser.

Ignoring Ingredient Lists

Sensitive skin can react to certain ingredients, so it’s crucial to read product labels carefully. Avoid products with alcohol, harsh exfoliants, and synthetic dyes. Soothing ingredients chamomile, oatmeal, or aloe vera are your guys.

Neglecting to Patch Test

If you have sensitive skin, you can’t afford to skip patch-testing new products. It’s easy-peasy: just apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area, then wait 24 hours to ensure there’s no reaction. If all goes well, you can apply it to your entire face.

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