Cardi B’s Recent Insta

Cardi B recently posted a picture on her Instagram page indicating that her songs “Girls Like You” and “I like It” made the top 2 songs on Canadian Hot 100. These songs have been huge hits since they were released, so we are not surprised by this amazing news.

She captioned her picture “I wanna go to Canada and get crazy like I use too. The first time I ever been to Canada I went to a strip club booking and now here we are here !!!!! My name number on #1 & #2 on the Canadian Hot 100 billboards !!!THANK YOU you guys been rocking with me since the beginning !”

In this post, Cardi B is incredibly grateful for all her fans and listeners. We love how she reflects on her past as she continues to strive and move forward in her life. For those who do not know, Cardi B was a stripper before she became the famous rapper she is today. She said that she started stripping so that she could make money and escape an abusive relationship at home and to live a life free of poverty and violence.

Cardi B has come a long way in just a few years, inspiring a generation of girls and women just like her. Her music is fun and empowering, just like she is. We at Lux and Lush LOVE Cardi B and are so excited for this huge accomplishment of hers. We are looking forward to seeing what she does next.

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