Can’t Have Milk? Here are the Best Non-Dairy Ice Creams

Whether you follow a plant-based diet full time or for health reasons aren’t able to tolerate milk, ice cream can be one of the most difficult things to give up. Fortunately, you’re not alone and many people have removed ice cream from their diet. This switch has led plenty of ice cream brands to start producing dairy-free versions of this beloved treat and some are even better than the real thing. Here are a few we love.

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee & Boba

Three of our favorite things combine in this superstar frozen dessert available at Trader Joe’s. It’s made with a coconut milk base, cold brew coffee made from Thai coffee beans, and tons of deliciously chewy tapioca boba pearls. You’ll want to stock up on this one—trust us. 

Van Leeuwen Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl

A match made in heaven. Chocolate sandwich cookies and homemade caramel complement each other perfectly mixed into vegan Tahitian vanilla ice cream made from a blend of cashew milk and coconut cream.

Oatly Frozen Desserts

Everyone’s favorite cow’s milk substitute now makes ice cream you can feel good about eating. A creamy oat milk base provides the perfect canvas for a whole range of flavors. They’re all delicious, but we’re partial to mint chocolate.

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