Calamine Lotion is All Over TikTok, But Not for the Reason You Think

If there is a new beauty trend you’ve heard of that sounds a little odd, chances are it originated on TikTok. Some of the hacks on the social media app range from brilliant to bizarre, with most falling somewhere in between. 

Users with oily skin are proclaiming the virtues of calamine lotion in their make-up routine. In case you are unfamiliar with the ointment, calamine is a pastel pink cream used to treat itchiness. Its most common use is for soothing chicken pox.

This new hack, however, involves applying calamine to one’s face, using either a beauty blender or make-up brush, prior to putting on foundation. Once the lotion is dry, makeup is applied directly over it.

The idea behind this technique is for the thick cream to repair acne scars and mattify the skin. It apparently also works as a fantastic primer, keeping make-up in place for at least 12 hours—even in the boiling summer heat. 

As fabulous as the trick sounds, experts have warned that users should beware. Calamine has the potential to damage the skin barrier if used in that fashion, and can actually worsen scars by irritating the skin. The drying out effect can also cause wrinkles and fine lines in the long run. 

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