“Bridgerton” Fans Have to Try This Amazing Pilates Dance Workout

The third season of Bridgerton is taking Netflix by storm, and it’s slowly overtaking every aspect of our lives – including our workout routines! Emily Thorne of EmkFit prepared an amazing Pilates dance workout for the fans of the beloved period drama, and you should try it ASAP!

Thorne is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, with over 500,000 subscribers under her belt. Her YouTube channel became a huge hit due to her carefree approach to fitness, and even people who aren’t huge fans of working out can’t resist her amazing videos.

Thorne claims she’s trying to make working out a little less awful and a lot more fun, and she often uses the power of music to keep her workouts fun. She made videos inspired by many hit movies and TV shows over the years – especially musicals – and it was just a matter of time before she paid homage to Bridgerton.

You can be a total beginner and EmkFit’s workout will still be your cup of tea because it’s extremely easy to follow. She used elements of Pilates to keep things interesting and choreographed her workout to the beat of Bridgerton theme song and classical versions of such smash hits as Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and Beyoncé’s “Halo”, featured in the original series.

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