Black vs Brown Mascara: Which Should You Choose?

Hours can be spent on debating which is the best mascara. Some claim to lengthen, others offer curl, and, of course, we’re all here for an all-in-one volumizer! But a new element has been added to the equation: which color is best?

For years, black has dominated in the color palette when it comes to lashes. Those who are bold enough may have tried more striking hues like purple and blue, but for most of us, basic black is best. Brown, however, has put its name in the ring and is currently having a moment. 

Brown mascara is changing the game on social media where millions are experimenting with the softer shade. So, which should you choose?

Work with Your Natural Tones

The whole point of mascara is to define your lashes and make your eyes pop. If your natural hair color is dark, stick to black—but if you are more fair, brown could work nicely. A warm brown will also bring out blue and green eyes as the shades are on opposite ends of the color wheel.  

Evaluate the Occasion

No matter how many coats you apply, brown mascara is never going to provide as dramatic an effect as its black counterpart. If you prefer a softer, daytime look, brown will give you that; but if you are hoping to slay with a smoky eye, definitely opt for black. 

Mix and Match

You could always use mascara on the top lashes for a fuller, more-defined look, while applying brown to the bottom for some definition that doesn’t appear too heavy. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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