Best Netflix Shows To Binge With Your Soulmate This Summer

With the summer finally upon us, Netflix has decided to spoil us with a whole host of new content, including a wide array of romantic TV series. Here are some of the best romantic TV shows to binge with your significant other this summer.


Following a timely absence, this Shonda Rhimes instant classic is finally back on our screens. Journey back to 19th Century London and embroil yourself in the world of Bridgerton, where love, marriage, and scandal await, all in a reimaged world of the Regency Era in England.

One Day

This intimate and thought-provoking show tells the story of a decades-long love between Dex and Em, a couple who met in college and continue to see one another on the same day every year. Disclaimer: this tearjerker will require you to have plenty of tissues on hand.

Love Is Blind

Here is a show that proves that not every love story on screen is fictional. This reality TV series hosts a social experiment where men and women interact on dates and eventually get engaged without ever seeing each other. Their commitment to ultimately marrying each other will answer the question of whether love is truly blind.

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