Avoid Pouring These Liquids Down the Drain at All Costs

From painting your house to cooking a large meal, one can sometimes be tempted to simply pour the liquid you were working with down the kitchen sink rather than throw it out correctly. Unfortunately, this can damage your drain. Here are some liquids you should avoid pouring down the drain at all costs.


Given the harmful chemicals found in paint, it can easily corrode your pipes. In addition to damaging the drain infrastructure, paint can also contaminate your water sources, potentially harming the environment. Instead, check out the package instructions to ensure that you dispose of the paint in a way that meets regulations.

Cooking Oils

Whether you cook with sunflower oil, olive oil, or even other fats and grease, refrain from pouring these liquids down the drain no matter how natural it feels after you finish cooking. Because these liquids can solidify, there’s a high risk that they’ll clog up your pipes and cause massive blockages in your plumbing system.

Household Cleaners

From window cleaning liquid to all-purpose cleaners, do not ever pour household cleaners down the drain in your kitchen. Many of these cleaning supplies contain corrosive chemicals that are able to damage pipes while also harming the septic systems.

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