Are Mustaches Making a Comeback?

Okay, hear us out on this. We know that your first reaction to the title of this article is probably something along the lines, “No. They’re not back in style.” Well, give us a few moments to convince you otherwise. Mustaches were all the rage in the ’70s and ’80s, as well as in many other eras in the past. But over the last few decades, especially at the start of the new millennium, mustaches have a bit of an awkward taboo. People tend to perceive them as creepy and off-putting—but we think they’re actually on their way back.

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a marginalized group of people who aren’t standing up for themselves and demanding to be appreciated. Minorities of all colors, shapes, sizes, and orientations are demanding respect, and they’re getting it too.

This is trickling its way into the fashion world as well. So whereas back in the day there were styles that simply didn’t work, nowadays the rules are a bit more all over the place. To put it simply, anything goes now—because people know that if they’re shamed for wearing something, they can just shame that person online for shaming them.

People are more empowered and less worried about what others will say—and this has led to the comeback of the mustache. Men are no longer worried that they’ll appear creepy and instead are embracing their ‘stache with confidence. If you don’t believe us, go outside and see for yourself.

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