Are Movie Theaters Going Out Of Style?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our world, a lot of different ripple effects took hold over society. One of those ripple effects was that citizens were required to stay at home, and socially distance themselves from everyone else. Movie theaters shut down, and as a result, because just continued binging their favorite series on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or others. But now that the pandemic has taken a bit of a breather, have people decided movie theaters are out of style?

A New Age

Even though theaters opened back up, there’s no secret that people weren’t exactly rushing to go back. After all, there are seemingly unlimited movies available to watch on our home screens, and with the advent of surround sound and advanced TVs that have come out—sometimes our home screen is more than enough.

The Magic of the Theater

However, while yes, movie theaters may have lost a step—they aren’t gone for good. We do believe that there will always be a certain magic about going to a movie theater. This is something that the older generations understand. And while it may take the younger generation some time to realize it as well, movie theater companies have been working tirelessly to reinvent themselves and show that they’re still very much in the game.

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