Ab Workout Challenges Are All the Rage on YouTube This Summer


If you’re constantly struggling with motivation, workout challenges can help you fall in love with fitness and never look back. Ab challenges, in particular, are a huge hit on YouTube this summer, and here are three that you should try ASAP if you’re trying to get a six-pack.

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is the undisputed queen of workout challenges, and no summer would be complete without a new one. After giving her signature “Summer Shred” program a shot, you can join her for the “Get Abs” challenge, featuring a series of epic full-body and ab workouts.

Lilly Sabri

Lilly Sabri enjoys sharing amazing workout challenges that promise great results in just two weeks. One of her latest puts ab exercises front and center, and she promises it’s the most intense ab workout you’ll ever get to try. It’s just five minutes long, so you should probably add some other exercises to the mix for ultimate results.


MadFit managed to become one of YouTube’s leading fitness influencers without relying on workout challenges, but she enjoys sharing them every once in a while. Her latest ab challenge features a whooping 500 reps and it will help you build an amazing six-pack this summer.

Karen L
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